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Red Management is a marketing strategy and Customer Experience (CX) consultancy.

Our goal is to help you turn your products and services into a customer-centric proposition that will attract and retain loyal customers.

We will help you put the right framework in place so you can capture and leverage customer feedback to know what’s important to your customers, and what actions to take to improve your customer’s loyalty.

We will advise and design a programme that helps you to build an organisational culture that puts the customer at the heart of what you do.

Most importantly we will turn ongoing customer feedback into an asset that strengthens your proposition and drives intelligent business decisions.

Your role

Customer Experience Lead
Head of Marketing
Head of Sales
Head of Customer Services
IT Director / CIO
Small Business Owner
Customer Experience Lead
Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘We’re building a CX programme but need to know how to take this to the next level.’

‘Our business is growing and I need extra support’

‘How do I get the company to buy into CX and prove it is worth the investment?’

We are used to working side-by-side with CX teams to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need ad-hoc support, strategic thinking or an extra pair of hands on the ground, we are here to help you be the hero. It might be a one-off project or indeed ongoing programmatic support – we are fully flexible and will fit in to suit your organisation.

We know how challenging it is to move the dial and get the organisation to come on the CX journey with you. We can help you set up the processes, measurement and frameworks to help you to scale and turn the business into CX advocates.

Head of Marketing
Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘CX is part of my team’s remit but we need advice on best practice and how to approach this.’

‘We have a CX programme but need to demonstrate ROI back to the business before we can invest more.’

‘How do we measure our CX success are and the impact on the business?’

We understand that as a Marketing Director you have the constant pull of delivering a strategy as well as campaigns that drive leads and recurring business. Managing a programme can be time consuming. We can help you to put a process in place so that customer feedback becomes part of your overall marketing mix

Head of Sales
Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘Why do we lose prospects at various points in the sales cycle?

‘Why have customers chosen us instead of competitors’

‘Are our value propositions across each of the segments living up to customer expectations?

It is easy to track the ‘what’ customers are doing in sales and revenue. It is trickier to find out ‘why’ customers are behaving the way they are. Organisations often make ‘gut feel’ decisions. We can help you make data driven decisions using customer feedback instead and then put the right action plans in place to address this.

Customer Services Lead
Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘How do I know if a call with an agent has helped make the customer more loyal?’

‘What topics and soft skills do my call centre staff need to focus on?’

‘I’m spending too much time listening in on calls and quality controls so I have less time to coach’

Having the technology in place to monitor and analyse customer calls combined with customer reviews, surveys and chat can be combined to present you with a powerful insights machine at a glance. If you combine this with the right processes and communications plan then this means less fire-fighting and more time investing in your people. Feedback to the marketing team on how to improve your website and self-service means less calls to the call centre so everybody wins.

Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘We are already administering so many platforms. Why should we invest in a CX platform?’

‘How do I demonstrate to my business stakeholders that a CX platform is worth it?’

‘How do I easily implement a CX platform with minimal disruption’

We can work with you to help you overcome these challenges. We will review your business requirements and desired outcomes so we can help you decide on the best platform or short-list of vendors to review.

Small Business Owner
Do any of these quotes sound familiar to you? If so, then we are here to help you overcome these challenges!

‘I hear Customer Experience is something I need to do but where do I start when I have so many other priorities?’

‘How do I figure out what makes a loyal customer and reduce unhappy customers without using all my team’s time?’

‘If I invest in CX then how do I measure the payoff?’

We sometimes hear small business owners say that their company is too small to invest in CX. We disagree. Starting with a customer-centric value proposition will set you off on the right path by delivering what the company needs. We can help you start small, think big and grow your strategy with your business.

Who are we?

Photo of Mary-Anne King

Mary-Anne King


“I love creating order out of chaos and leading individuals and teams through complex business challenges and opportunities.”

I have spent the last 8 years consulting on business strategy, marketing and CX. Understanding customer behaviour, needs, touchpoints and creating relevant value propositions has always been intrinsically part of my approach to consulting.

I am comfortable operating at CxO level and have previously worked globally delivering business transformation programmes to IT vendors and their partners eg. Microsoft, IBM, Autodesk, IBM.

Prior to consulting, I spent 18 years at Microsoft in various strategic sales and marketing roles in the UK, EMEA and South Africa. Several of these roles example Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) and Sustainability Leads were essentially acting as an internal consulting arm. I was working in CPE when Microsoft started its experience journey so can empathise with clients who are embarking on a new CX initiative I am passionate about CX to the point of focussing on this as a dissertation topic when I did a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Leadership 15 years ago!

Connect with me on LinkedIn: Mary-Anne King | LinkedIn

Helen Putland


I’ve had a long and successful career working in the IT industry for nearly three decades, including holding a number of leadership roles in several international markets with Microsoft Corporation.  Most recently I was the Director of Customer and Partner Experience for Microsoft UK before taking on the global role of Program Director for Digital Employee Experience for Microsoft Corporate.

My experience and business passions include defining and implementing local and global business strategy, internal business management, change management and delivering excellence in execution during times of Business and Digital Transformation in the areas of both Customer and Employee Experience.

I’m passionate about doing what's right for the internal and external customers as well as peers.  I’m highly collaborative whilst being strategic and readily able to work with multiple stakeholder teams.  I thrive in environments which require a significant strategic influence to drive change, where are often complex stakeholder environments.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: Helen Putland | LinkedIn

Photo of Helen Putland


"Mary-Anne was a fantastic guide and had great insights to share."

"Well-structured approach to defining and pricing a value proposition to take to market that is repeatable."

"I thought Mary-Anne was brilliant. Anyone who can turn relatively drab subject matter into an engaging and thought-provoking workshop definitely gets my vote."
Feedback from different participants after a business transformation workshop for a global IT vendor
"I would highly recommend Mary-Anne if you are seeking expertise and support in building or extending your CX programme. Implementing a CX programme was brand new for our business and we needed help from the start. Mary-Anne took the time to understand our business and goals and worked closely with us to create a strategy with key goals and KPIs and then went on to support the implementation. It has been a pleasure working with Mary-Anne and I consider her and the team a key partner in the success of our CX programme."
Director of Customers and Memberships at a global membership organisation
"Really happy working with Mary-Anne. Going through an implementation programme is never easy (nor is it smooth!) especially when transitioning from a vendor with whom we have a longstanding relationship, but the whole experience was made easier with the team and whenever I had any issues or questions they were resolved quickly."
Customer Success Manager at a large European bank

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